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Global Email

Managed email services designed specifically for yachts

Global access accounts synchronize a GCS mailbox with a corresponding mailbox onboard the vessel. This allows messages to be retrieved on or off the vessel and insures that no message is ever missed.
  Yacht Global Email

GCS Global E-mail Features
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Onboard MS ExchangeUnlimited e-mail storage space
  • Easy Access Tech Support
  • Multiple Global Access accounts
  • Dedicated onboard mail server
  • Centralized onboard e-mail storage
  • Automatic Synchronization for off-line Folders
  • Daily Virus Updates
  • Customized Spam Filtering
  • Automatic File Compression
  • Experienced service for Maritime Usage
  • No Attachment restrictions (size or type)
  • No Mailbox ID Surcharge
  • No Out-of-region Roaming Charges
Premium Email Hosting Services
  • Unlimited email accounts for crew and guests
  • Five global access email accounts w/land to sea email synchronization
  • Outlook Web Access to email, contact lists, and calendars via Internet anywhere in the world
  • Public website hosting
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) hosting
Standard Email Hosting Services
  • Unlimited email accounts for crew and guests
  • One global access email account w/land to sea email synchronization

Either plan can be configured to work with most email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, etc.), a simple onboard email gateway, or an onboard Microsoft Exchange email server. Microsoft Exchange provides centralized email storage as well as shared vessel schedules, contacts, and task lists. The centralized Exchange email database allows access to personal email folders and shared folders from any workstation on the network.