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Our mission is to be the standard of quality for information management, Internet communications, and network system design and integration in the superyacht industry, while serving our clients with the highest possible levels of integrity, professionalism, and expertise.



Mariners have long known that the shortest sailing distance on a globe is the "great circle." By following the great circle and integrating prevailing currents into their sailing plan, captains and crew cross oceans faster and more safely than by following a straight line to reach their destination. Successful information systems often follow the same pattern; the most effective and efficient course is not always the most obvious and requires a skilled team, like the IT experts at Great Circle Systems, to navigate technology challenges.


Great Circle Systems was founded by Scott Strand 1997. The Great Circle Systems team are uniquely qualified to serve the luxury yacht industry, combining extensive software development and network system integration experience with many years of hands-on yachting experience.

Over the years, Scott has assembled a team of experienced and skilled yacht engineers and network specialists. Together, the company has built an impressive array of products and services to assist in the construction and operation of vessels 30 meters and larger. These products include Triton Administrator yacht management software and Bandwidth Internet management devices.

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